FED Camera


The FED 4 is a 35mm film rangefinder camera made by FED and produced between 1964-80 in present-day Ukraine. Lenses, of which there are many choices, can be changed by way of an M39 screw thread. The standard lens that was supplied was a 53mm f2.8. Shutter speeds range from 1s – 1/500s +B, with …

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Zenit Camera

Zenit TTL

This is the 1980 Zenit TTL Olympic Edition. It is another Soviet made 35mm SLR. This one was made to commemorate the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games. Mine is in pretty grim condition but in this video I start the restoration process and hopefully I can improve its condition. I bought it from an antique dealer, …

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CreatorHub is the place to be…If you’re a creator anyway. One of the biggest challenges faced by anyone who creates content on the web, is getting noticed. It’s a little like Catch 22. You need to be popular to be seen, but need to be seen to become popular. When I started my YouTube channel …

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