I'm contemplating becoming a #psychic. My first #prediction is that in the near future we will hear that #MichaelGove has made a nice tidy #Profit from this #CoalMine deal.

Ah yes that makes sense. "The former Health Secretary's announcement that he would not seek re-election came only after the officers of his local Tory Association held a vote of no confidence in him, ruling him 'not fit' for to be their MP." #MattHancock https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/matt-hancocks-constituency-ruled-he-was-not-fit-to-represent-them-before-he-stood-down-2014696

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For those that have been reaching out to us for support via e-mail, please be advised that we've changed the contact e-mail address.

Please no longer use the http://atlas-media.co.uk e-mail address.

Our new e-mail address (1/2)

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People still seem to be operating under some cosy fantasy that #Brexit damage will stop, or level out, or decrease at some point. That maybe #rejoinEU is a bit difficult, done too much damage to go back in.

None of this is true.

#Europe will (1/3)

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#brexit - we have to undo it as much as possible as quick as possible

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One cool thing about Mastadon is that it doesn’t fill me with murderous rage every time I open it

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