Berserker! - Front cover


I have just finished listening to the audiobook of Adrian Edmondson‘s , ‘Berserker!’. I don’t need to explain who he is do I? Ade has been a bit of hero of mine since the early 80’s. His style of humour and later his acting just seemed to align with my tastes, even when both developed. I really enjoyed the book, but I have to say it also saddened me somewhat and I cannot really pinpoint why.

If you haven’t yet read or listened to Berserker!, then I recommend you do. I won’t spoil it here. It is funny of course, and fascinating. But it is also thought-provoking and somewhat melancholy. Ade speaks candidly about is life and his relationships, including that with his former working partner, Rik Mayall.

Ade’s school life, his relationship with his father, his depression and the disparity between his public and private personas, left me with somewhat deflated. I can’t help feeling that the tagline of “The riotous, one-of-a-kind memoir from one of Britain’s most beloved comedians” was written by someone who had not actually ready the book. Even the author’s feelings about ‘The Young Ones’ and ‘Bottom’, have burst my bubble somewhat. Still, I still love him, and I love the book. Go buy it! Now I’m off to watch Vyvyan Bastard, Eddie Hitler et al for the billionth time.

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