Amateur Radio

HAM Radio

HAM Radio or Amateur Radio is a hobby that I have been interested in for some time. However I always assumed that it was a subject that was beyond me. My uncle was an operator back in the 70’s and both his experience and equipment seemed unattainable to a young boy. However, times have changed. In the UK, the Radio Society of Great Britain and Ofcom now offer three levels of licence, based on transmitting power. Foundation, Intermediate and Full. The foundation licence seems to be very achievable with a little study, an exam pass, it will allow you to transmit at limited power and on limited frequencies.

So I have begun my training and have booked my exam for later this month. I already had a portable set, the Baofeng UV-5R, to which I have added an upgraded antenna. I also have an SDR dongle. Both of these devices have been a lot of fun to listen in on various transmissions and get a general feel for the hobby. I will be adding new videos to my YouTube Channel over the coming months that might prove useful if you would like to make a start in a new hobby.

Happy New Year to you all!

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