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CreatorHub is the place to be…If you’re a creator anyway. One of the biggest challenges faced by anyone who creates content on the web, is getting noticed. It’s a little like Catch 22. You need to be popular to be seen, but need to be seen to become popular. When I started my YouTube channel and it’s associated social media, I was swamped with information about how best to gain subscriptions and views. Unfortunately a large proportion of that advice is not good. Sub4Sub schemes and others like them, only succeed in the ‘mysterious’ algorithm giving you a wide berth. The bottom line is YouTube and other platforms are based on people interacting with you. Watching, commenting, liking (or disliking), will all help with them pushing your content out to more people.

The Problem

In the early days I was begging my friends, both Facebook and real, to watch. In addition I was of course Tweeting and Instagramming, but these methods only took me so far. Then there was Facebook groups and Reddit subs, but although they might be focused on content like yours, they will often discourage self-promotion. What I needed was a place I could promote my content naturally so that the it didn’t go against any ToS or algorithms.

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The Solution

I had a vague idea what Discord was but no real experience of it. But I received an invite to join a Discord Server called CreatorHub. This server was an absolute revelation for me. I won’t deny that I had to quickly learn the basics of Discord but being a veteran of Internet Relay Chat (IRC), that didn’t prove to be too difficult. However, any minor issues were more than outweighed by the benefits. The owners, moderators and users were all super welcoming and friendly. The chosen platforms and topics are varied, but then so is the knowledge and expertise that the members are willing to share. I had the opportunity to share my content and get genuine constructive feedback in return. I also get to do the same for other creators.

Graphics, audio, streaming, hardware and all aspects of your channels are regular topics. OK so I’m no PewdiePie yet, but my analytics are rising steadily. In addition I am making friends and having some fun along the way, with some like-minded folks from around the world. So if you think your content would benefit, click the button below and join us.

Me at The Guildhall

My Cadet Anniversary

Today marked my tenth full year as a uniformed member of staff with the Sea Cadet Corps. I was a cadet myself in my teens. I left around 1988 as life started to give me other priorities. Then, about twelve years ago, I heard that my old unit was having a reunion. I attended and had a great time. The then CO, who had been a cadet with me, asked me if I would consider returning. Sure enough, here I still am. I have had some amazing experiences. I have also (hopefully) provided some young people with some experiences of their own. I have certainly made many life-long friends. Here’s to another ten years. At least!

Me - SCC
Toy Camera

Baby’s First Camera

My future grandson is not even born but already has his first camera. This wooden beauty was bought by his mum and is hopefully tough enough to stand the rigours of teething etc. I can’t wait until he’s older and I can introduce him to the joy of film. It will be coming full circle for me. My father got me in to photography in the first place and although he has since passed away, it’s his birthday today. I think of him every time I pick up a camera and it would be nice to give junior that same feeling. Until then, this is a lovely start.

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