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500 Subscribers

500 Subscribers

Finally! After what seemed like an age, I finally reached 500 subscribers on my YouTube Channel. Now I realise that this a tiny amount compared to many channels. I also realise that it’s not going to make me rich. But neither of those facts are important to me. What is important however, is the fact that over 500 people are interested in what I have to say. Also, since October this year, the requirement for the enabling of a community tab have been reduced from 1000 to 500 subscribers. So, with any luck, I will adding on ion the next few days.

A huge “thank you” for all your support.

YouTube Logo

New Channel Intro

For a long time now I have been meaning to create an update for my YouTube channel intro. The previous one was a little simple but also quite dull. I was teaching myself Adobe After Effects and used the software to animate a signature that I could place over an image related to the subject of the video. Whilst it served a purpose, I wanted something a little different and that would better reflect the channel. Hopefully my new creation does that. Still short and punchy but this time it will be consistent across all my videos.

Please let me know what you think.


Featured Images

Regular visitors to this site will know that the images I create can be licenced or purchased from my shop. In addition, you can view a wider selection of my work in my gallery here. However, I thought it might be an idea to regularly feature an image and explain a little more about it. Where it was shot, what settings were used and a little background to it. These will be a low-resolution version, which will also be available, in all their glory, in the shop.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have a favourite, that you’d like me to feature.

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Social Media

No More Facebook

That’s it, no more Facebook. I’ve decided to drop my attempts at setting up a Facebook page for my @sccjono social media brand and I have deleted the contents. Every other social media platform makes it very easy to create a brand and to maintain consistency across the board. However, Facebook seems to be less and less interested in it’s users. As I’m sure you can tell, I use my username as my online persona for everything that I create. I therefore have @sccjono associated with My YouTube channel, my Twitter, my Instagram and so on. Great! But apparently that’s just too difficult for Facebook.

The problem was, that when I decided to start my channel etc. I already had a personal Facebook page, which used the username of @sccjono. Because the Facebook don’t provide anything in the way of support, I referred to various blog posts, Reddit threads etc, to try and find out how best I could transfer the username to a public page. Overwhelmingly, the advice was to relinquish it from the private page and wait for a couple of weeks and I would be allowed to add it to the public page. It has now been nearly year and I am still not allowed to transfer it, as it is “in use”.

I have tried the support pages and the support inbox but there is no option to contact them. So instead, I have decided to delete the page.


My New Shop

In the past I have been lucky enough to have been asked about the option to purchase some of my photographs. I am flattered if somebody wishes to hang one on the wall of their home. I am therefore delighted to announce that I have partnered with PicFair to create an online shop for this purpose. Whether you wish to download, print or even to licence them for commercial use, it can all be arranged by clicking on this link.

I will add more photographs in due course. Please leave a comment if you have any specific requests.

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Site Updates

Over the last few days I have been making some updates to the site. Some SEO stuff to keep up with Google’s policies. I have also added a new page that showcases my vintage camera collection. This in turn means I could remove some large photos off the home page, which were causing it to load a little slowly. Finally I have added some localisation information, again for the benefit of some search engines.

I’m afraid that a lot of this won’t be noticed by most of you, but hopefully it will help to make the site a bit more visible. In the meantime, I have about eight more YouTube videos in various stages of production, so look out for those soon. Please help me get to 100 subscribers if you haven’t already.

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Busy Times


My apologies for the radio silence. Whilst I have not had the opportunity to post, things are moving fast in the background. I expanded my vintage camera collection by another two cameras. Videos featuring them in detail are currently in production. Other videos coming soon feature my negative scanning process and a review of some software.

YouTube encouraged me to make a “What’s it about?” video for my channel and so I have posted it below. I have also bought a new wooden canoe paddle and so I am hoping to get out on the water more. Especially as I have my assessment for my coaching award coming up. So look out for more paddlesport videos too. I am busy working on two assignments for my Masters degree as well and so there may well be more quiet times as my deadlines approach. So stick with me, more coming soon.

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