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New Channel Intro

For a long time now I have been meaning to create an update for my YouTube channel intro. The previous one was a little simple but also quite dull. I was teaching myself Adobe After Effects and used the software to animate a signature that I could place over an image related to the subject of the video. Whilst it served a purpose, I wanted something a little different and that would better reflect the channel. Hopefully my new creation does that. Still short and punchy but this time it will be consistent across all my videos.

Please let me know what you think.

Hanimex Camera

Hanimex 35se

The Hanimex 35se is probably the worst camera I own. It’s a plastic, low build quality, 35mm point & shoot that was made in Hong Kong. It is inflexible and takes average pictures. So why would I buy one. That’s a good question that I hope I answer in my latest video. The shutter speed is fixed at 1/250th and the aperture is a snail-like f5.6, f9.5 or f16. There is no metering or low light warning. But it does have a tripod mount, a cable release point and takes screw in 43mm filters. So it’s not all bad. It can also take some reasonable pictures.

But above all it’s fun and I love all cameras. If somebody wants to pay for this, I won’t condemn them as that’s exactly what I did.

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Me at The Guildhall

My Cadet Anniversary

Today marked my tenth full year as a uniformed member of staff with the Sea Cadet Corps. I was a cadet myself in my teens. I left around 1988 as life started to give me other priorities. Then, about twelve years ago, I heard that my old unit was having a reunion. I attended and had a great time. The then CO, who had been a cadet with me, asked me if I would consider returning. Sure enough, here I still am. I have had some amazing experiences. I have also (hopefully) provided some young people with some experiences of their own. I have certainly made many life-long friends. Here’s to another ten years. At least!

Me - SCC
Toy Camera

Baby’s First Camera

My future grandson is not even born but already has his first camera. This wooden beauty was bought by his mum and is hopefully tough enough to stand the rigours of teething etc. I can’t wait until he’s older and I can introduce him to the joy of film. It will be coming full circle for me. My father got me in to photography in the first place and although he has since passed away, it’s his birthday today. I think of him every time I pick up a camera and it would be nice to give junior that same feeling. Until then, this is a lovely start.

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Long Exposure Photography

Some tips on long-exposure photography in my latest video. I spent a recent holiday in Ireland and visited the Powerscourt Waterfall. Whilst there I took some photos using a neutral density filter and shutter speeds in excess of 20 seconds. I was hoping to smooth out the moving water so that it gave me that ethereal look that you often see. I had a lot of fun experimenting with settings and I’m pleased with the results.

Please take a look and consider subscribing.

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