Kodak Instamatics

Kodak Instamatic

The Kodak Instamatic was a very popular range of cameras. So popular, that the word ‘instamatic’ is still often used as a generic term for any point and shoot camera. Made from 1963 by Kodak in the US, UK and elsewhere, they were a range of inexpensive easy to use small cameras. I remember my father buying me a 133 that I practically wore out, I loved it so much. Most Instamatics used 126 film or 110 film which came in easy to load cartridges. I currently own three different models, but there were many more and so I am often on the lookout. Above you can see, from left to right, the 204 made in 1966, the 133 made in 1968 and the 77X made in 1977.

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