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Photographic Past – Part 1

There are several new videos in production currently and I will be adding them to my channel as soon as they are ready. In the meantime, I thought I’d kick off my new website with a post about the project that got me back in to vintage film photography after so many years.

My late father was a keen amateur photographer and was winning awards, long before I was born. So I grew up around cameras and developing fluid and he taught me how to appreciate the art. By this time it was the 70’s and Polaroid was all the rage. However, I soon got bored and moved over to 35mm. I had only ever known dad’s cameras to be 70’s and 80’s SLR’s of various brands. Ricoh, Cosina, Pentax etc. But he often talked about his medium format models from the 30’s and 40’s.

My Father - Geoffrey Hunt

Fast forward to present day and I have long since left the world of film behind and embraced digital. Then one day I came across the photograph above and for the first I could see one of the cameras my father had been telling me about. I honestly believed that there was not enough detail to identify it, but I posted the image in a Facebook group dedicated to collecting vintage cameras, and sure enough, I had an answer within minutes. A 1938 Kodak Six-Twenty Duo II. This was a medium format camera, using 620 film, which is no longer made. Despite this, I decided I would really like to own one for myself.

A bit of searching on eBay and I managed to find one at a very reasonable price and promptly bought it. In the meantime, I had discovered the wonderful Analogue Wonderland and the fact that they stocked 120 film which has been re-rolled on to 620 spools. This meant I was going to be able to try it out. The video below shows it’s arrival and its “unboxing”. Later videos in this series show me using it for the first time, and the results I got with it.

You can of course go ahead and watch the full series of videos, but I will post further about each one in due course.

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