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Roll of Film

New Album – Film

I have created a new album today. The existing albums feature my digital work, but as I am now taking more and more photos on film, I thought it would be nice to feature some successes.* These are all taken on one of my vintage camera collection, which can mean a variance in quality. But I hope you like them. I’ll add more to the album as I progress with my learning. See the album by clicking here.

*I’ll keep the many failures to myself. 🙂

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Videos Page

Good morning. Today I have added a “latest videos” page on which I will feature my latest YouTube videos on different topics. Obviously to get the full experience it would be better to visit my channel directly (there’s a link in the top left-hand corner) and subscribe. It really helps me if you could and I’d be very grateful.



Welcome to my new website. I am hoping to collate the best of my photographs, videos and my other interests in one place. I know it looks a little sparse at the moment, but bear with me and I will continue to populate it in due course. If you’re not familiar with me or my work, I have included links to some of my social media pages below, so please follow and share. Also please keep coming back as there will be much to see.