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No More Facebook

That’s it, no more Facebook. I’ve decided to drop my attempts at setting up a Facebook page for my @sccjono social media brand and I have deleted the contents. Every other social media platform makes it very easy to create a brand and to maintain consistency across the board. However, Facebook seems to be less and less interested in it’s users. As I’m sure you can tell, I use my username as my online persona for everything that I create. I therefore have @sccjono associated with My YouTube channel, my Twitter, my Instagram and so on. Great! But apparently that’s just too difficult for Facebook.

The problem was, that when I decided to start my channel etc. I already had a personal Facebook page, which used the username of @sccjono. Because the Facebook don’t provide anything in the way of support, I referred to various blog posts, Reddit threads etc, to try and find out how best I could transfer the username to a public page. Overwhelmingly, the advice was to relinquish it from the private page and wait for a couple of weeks and I would be allowed to add it to the public page. It has now been nearly year and I am still not allowed to transfer it, as it is “in use”.

I have tried the support pages and the support inbox but there is no option to contact them. So instead, I have decided to delete the page.

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