Zorki Camera

Zorki 4

Up until now, my YouTube channel has only featured three types of vintage film camera. Single Lens Reflex, Twin Lens Reflex and Viewfinder. So to rectify this, please say hello to my latest purchase. A 1973 Zorki 4 “Rangefinder” camera. This soviet made 35mm camera has captured my heart. It has some little quirks but …

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Most people that take up film photography will make use of professional labs to begin with. Labs provide services for developing, scanning and printing your negatives. But once you have been photographing for a while, many like to begin to perform these actions for themselves. With regards to the scanning of your negatives, there are …

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Busy Times


My apologies for the radio silence. Whilst I have not had the opportunity to post, things are moving fast in the background. I expanded my vintage camera collection by another two cameras. Videos featuring them in detail are currently in production. Other videos coming soon feature my negative scanning process and a review of some …

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Stock Photo Camera

Gallery Additions

I am still sorting through my portfolio. But today I have finished a big update to all the digital photograph galleries. My aim is to delete my Flickr account once everything is transferred over and host only here. The albums can be found here. Please take a look. Related Images: