Ivy Fence

For the first of my featured image series, I have chosen “Ivy Fence”. Good composition is a tricky thing to learn. Partly because you’ll often hear conflicting opinions on what makes a good composition. My advice to you would be to look for something different. Experiment by challenging yourself to find a different point of view. This shot could have been much wider and taken in the nearby flowers etc. But I chose to focus on the contrast of the ivy and the wood grain. I don’t claim this is any better, but it’s a different take, which will help you develop a style of your own.

I hope to show you more images of mine where this is the case. Practice looking for a different angle for a shot, even when you don’t have a camera with you. Feel free to show me your examples in the comments.

You can purchase a full-resolution digital download or a print of this image from here.

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