A young Me in the sea

Lakes for Level Water

Those of you that know me well will know I am a bit of a fanatic about water. I’m always near it, on it, or in it and I am very passionate about other people getting a chance to experience the same. I was taught to swim from an early age and I consider it a hugely important skill for people to have. I still swim of course (wouldn’t be a great lifeguard otherwise) but I am not a distance swimmer at all. However, I have decided to challenge myself to swim 1km in open water, in aid of Level Water. The lakes of the UK and the Outdoor Swimming Society are supporting Level Water in their mission to provide bespoke, 1-1 swimming lessons for children with disabilities across the UK. Level Water wants a world where everyone has access to swimming. For life.

By donating to this challenge you are helping to make sure that, once pools have re-opened, lessons can continue straight away and children can continue to learn this life-changing skill. Please consider donating via my Just Giving page as every little helps.

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