Wildflower Planting

I am looking at planting some wildflower seeds at work to create a bee and butterfly friendly space. Beebombs have the ideal solution. I read a scary statistic, that 97% of native British wildflower habitat has been lost since the second world war. These habitats are vital to the survival of both bees and butterflies and I dread to think what the future will look like for our children without them. Also, wildflowers are essential for essential biodiversity.

Not being much of a gardener isn’t a problem for me as Beebombs have made the process very straightforward. I just need to scatter the small, clay “bombs” on to bare soil and be patient. Spring seems to be the right time to plant and we hope for plenty of sunshine and rain. Working on an outdoor university campus I have plenty of scope and I have picked out an area that is suitable. I think it might be fun to produce a video for my YouTube channel on the subject. Anything we can do to help #bringthebeesback.

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