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Sunrise from the Powerboat

Charity Challenge 2021

My employer, the University of Worcester, holds a 24 Hour Charity Challenge every two years. Due to COVID-19 it could not take place last year. So we were extra delighted to help make it a success this time around. In aid of Cure Leukaemia, teams from across all areas of the university competed in several events. Walking, canoeing, running, basketball and a water assault course to finish. Working for our outdoor campus, I was able to help with the design and build of the assault course. Testing it out and lifeguarding were a lot of fun.

Aquatic Assault Course

My qualifications meant that I could also assist as one of the safety boat crews for the canoeing. Getting up at 2.00am, the plan was for a 16 mile journey in sparred canoes along the River Severn, starting at 5.00am and finishing around 8.00am. The views of the sunrise and the mist on the water were stunning and thankfully only my photography skills were called upon. The best part of course was raising £15,864 for a very worthy cause.

Misty Canoes

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Jono By Connor 1

Home Developing – Part 3

Part three of my first attempt at developing film at home. In this video, I meet up with my friend Connor for a photo walk around Worcester. I hope that I can get at least a few decent shots ready for my developing attempt. Despite miserable weather, we walk along the banks of the Severn not long after the floods. A lot of debris has been left behind, but with any luck, black and white will suit the theme.

Jono By Connor 2

I hope you enjoy sharing some of the walk with us and be sure to subscribe to my channel if you’d like to see part four.

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