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Long Exposure Photography

Some tips on long-exposure photography in my latest video. I spent a recent holiday in Ireland and visited the Powerscourt Waterfall. Whilst there I took some photos using a neutral density filter and shutter speeds in excess of 20 seconds. I was hoping to smooth out the moving water so that it gave me that ethereal look that you often see. I had a lot of fun experimenting with settings and I’m pleased with the results.

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Cable Release

Remote Shutter Release

One of the joys of photography for me is taking long exposure shots. Astro-photography, light painting, light trails, or turning moving water into silky smoothness. However, leaving the shutter open for more than a fraction of a second introduces the need to keep the camera perfectly still. A tripod is therefore essential and sometimes a remote shutter release is too.

In the world of digital photography, we have a great deal of choice in terms of remotes. But what about vintage film photography? In my latest video I explain what we can do in the analogue world.

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