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Lakeside Sunset

Working in the outdoors has many advantages. Perhaps the best one is the endless photo opportunities it presents. As long as I remember to pack a camera of some sort, I’m ready to capture what I see. This shot was a typical sunset. However, this time I didn’t want the usual silhouette of the trees in the foreground. So instead I metered on the foreground allowing me to expose the detail whilst maintaining good colour in the sky and clouds. This is a technique that can be a little tricky to achieve without practice and you may need to do some tweaking in post.

You can purchase a full-resolution digital download or a print of this image from here.

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Ivy Fence

For the first of my featured image series, I have chosen “Ivy Fence”. Good composition is a tricky thing to learn. Partly because you’ll often hear conflicting opinions on what makes a good composition. My advice to you would be to look for something different. Experiment by challenging yourself to find a different point of view. This shot could have been much wider and taken in the nearby flowers etc. But I chose to focus on the contrast of the ivy and the wood grain. I don’t claim this is any better, but it’s a different take, which will help you develop a style of your own.

I hope to show you more images of mine where this is the case. Practice looking for a different angle for a shot, even when you don’t have a camera with you. Feel free to show me your examples in the comments.

You can purchase a full-resolution digital download or a print of this image from here.

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Featured Images

Regular visitors to this site will know that the images I create can be licenced or purchased from my shop. In addition, you can view a wider selection of my work in my gallery here. However, I thought it might be an idea to regularly feature an image and explain a little more about it. Where it was shot, what settings were used and a little background to it. These will be a low-resolution version, which will also be available, in all their glory, in the shop.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have a favourite, that you’d like me to feature.

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ASA settings

Pushing & Pulling Film

For my latest video, I have attempted to describe and explain what it means to “push” or “pull” your photographic film. In a nutshell, pushing and pulling is a technique of setting your camera to a different film speed than that of the film you’re using. Effectively under or over-exposing it. You might do this because the environment you’re shooting in has too little light. Or perhaps just for artistic reasons etc. Whatever your motivation, the process can be simple if you remember a few basics. Watch my video and be sure to check a much more detailed explanation found here.

Another big thank you to all my subscribers!

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