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Relaxing Pool

The Calm Outdoors

My work is not often about the calm outdoors. My focus is usually on the excitement and risk and my videos tend to reflect that. However, the outdoors has much more to offer. The healing and calming benefits of being in the outdoors are undisputed. Much research in to mental health and wellbeing shows that there are numerous benefits to spending time on or near water, in the woods, or just open countryside.

I thought it might be fun therefore to take this one in a different direction. No paddlesport, climbing, zip-wire, powerboating etc. Just a relaxing video featuring the sights and sounds of “my office”. ASMR? Perhaps. Enjoy.

Camera Lenses

Parallax Explained

The Parallax Effect is phenomena that can spoil your photographs, but what is it exactly and can it be overcome? In my latest short video I hope to answer these questions. It does not affect Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras as we are looking through the taking lens. But with point and shoot and other types of camera, we don’t always see what the camera sees. If our point of focus is relatively close, this can mean a missed opportunity. Luckily most manufacturers have our back.

This week my YoutTube channel reached over 300 subscribers and over 50,000 views which is absolutely mind-blowing to me. A huge thank you to all of you.

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Social Media

No More Facebook

That’s it, no more Facebook. I’ve decided to drop my attempts at setting up a Facebook page for my @sccjono social media brand and I have deleted the contents. Every other social media platform makes it very easy to create a brand and to maintain consistency across the board. However, Facebook seems to be less and less interested in it’s users. As I’m sure you can tell, I use my username as my online persona for everything that I create. I therefore have @sccjono associated with My YouTube channel, my Twitter, my Instagram and so on. Great! But apparently that’s just too difficult for Facebook.

The problem was, that when I decided to start my channel etc. I already had a personal Facebook page, which used the username of @sccjono. Because the Facebook don’t provide anything in the way of support, I referred to various blog posts, Reddit threads etc, to try and find out how best I could transfer the username to a public page. Overwhelmingly, the advice was to relinquish it from the private page and wait for a couple of weeks and I would be allowed to add it to the public page. It has now been nearly year and I am still not allowed to transfer it, as it is “in use”.

I have tried the support pages and the support inbox but there is no option to contact them. So instead, I have decided to delete the page.

Dolphin & Powerboat

A Relaxing River Trip

Would you like to join me on a relaxing river trip? One of my roles is that of a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) powerboat instructor. This time though I was taking our boat out solo to provide escort to some canoeists. Our short journey was from Upon-Upon-Severn in Worcestershire, to Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. I wanted to make some kind of ASMR video, but the noise of the outboard is no good for that. So instead I chose some relaxing music. Enjoy the scenery, watch the wildlife and relax.

By the way, the picture above was not taken on this trip but a previous coastal journey of mine. I am pretty sure that there are no dolphins in the River Severn. Sadly!

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