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Pentax Camera

Pentax Zoom 60

Another point & shoot this week. The Pentax Zoom 60 was made in 1987 and is a fully automatic compact camera. Automatic focusing, automatic exposure control, automatic flash, automatic film-speed setting, automatic film loading, and automatic film winding/rewinding, all make it absolutely ideal for the novice. Or indeed someone who just wants to take pictures with film and is not concerned with the “how”.

This could be a great choice for street photography as it nice and small and discreet. Or perhaps the sort of camera you might take on a trip where bulky equipment would be an inconvenience. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up!

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Roll of Film

Loading 35mm Film

A comment on a recent video of mine asked how to load 35mm film in to a camera. Without sounding conceited, I had never considered it, as I have been doing it for so long. However I am trying to help the beginner and so here is a video that explains it. I can’t cover all types of camera obviously. So I have chosen two very different ones and have tried to explain differences that you might come across.

I hope it’s of use as I might start on a series of basic “how-to” videos. Here is the link to the site for the manuals that I talk about.

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Agfa Camera

Agfa Silette II

In this week’s video I look at the 1962 Agfa Silette II. As a successor to the Silette I featured here, this 35mm has several improvements. A hot-shoe, a bright-line viewfinder, a faster lens and a nice clean action. I think that this is another contender for a cheap but very useable street photography camera. Or an ideal start for the collector of vintage cameras.

This could be a great choice for street photography as it nice and small and discreet.

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Lomo Camera

Lomo Cosmic 35

This is the 1963 Lomo Cosmic 35 or Smena 8 or Global 35, depending on where it was first sold. Normally, by the time I feature a camera here, I have owned it for a while and have done some research in order to be able to use it and tell you about it. But as I didn’t intend on buying this one, I have decided to learn along with you. Since I made the video I have started using it and so I have added some captions but I would also urge you to check out this video as it explains some things in much more detail.

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BC Coach Award

Coach Award

I have been working toward my British Canoeing Coach Award for some time. I should have completed it in early 2020, but the pandemic put a stop to that. Last week, after several delays, I finally achieved success. The Coach Award (formerly known as UKCC Level 2) allows me to move on from just facilitating taster sessions, and to begin the coached development of paddlers, in both canoe and kayak. The pandemic has caused frustration amongst many of us of course, but just being able to get back on the water will be amazing.

Hopefully I can add stand-up paddle boarding to my remit very soon, but for now, bring on the sunshine!

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