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Minolta X-300

The story of my Minolta X-300 SLR is a bit of a rollercoaster ride. This lovely 35mm caused me some headaches, but it all came good in the end. Made from 1984 until 1990, this was a lower priced sibling of the X-500. It was marketed in some places as the X-370. It was also copied many times in China, under various names, but all were identical.

I’m not done with this camera. I think it is well made and nice to use. I just hope that I can find another in great condition and at the right price.

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Ilford Delta 3200 Pro

Fast Film & Low Light

Shooting film photography at night or in low light can be a challenge. Flash is often not effective, or spoils the look that we are going for. One option is to use fast film with a high ISO or ASA. In this video I explain the exposure triangle and how using fast film is challenging, but also a lot of fun.

Using my Yashica TL Electro-X and some Ilford Delta 3200 Professional, I take to the streets at night. The film produces some lovely results which I have also included in my “Film” album.

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Spirit 600 CL

Polaroid Spirit 600 CL

I’m afraid that in the past I have been a photographic snob when it came to Polaroid. However, since I was gifted a Polaroid Spirit 600 CL, I am beginning to to rethink my position. Part of me thought that it wasn’t proper photography and that the quality wasn’t great. Perhaps I’m mellowing in my old age, but I can see the attraction these days, even with the costs that come with it.

In this video I explore the 600 CL, and discuss some of these factors. I also mention an offer from Analogue Wonderland that gives you a free 35mm film, with your first order, by using this link.

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Roll of Film

Scanning Negatives at Home

When it comes to film photography there are a number of options available for scanning or digitising our negatives. Flatbed scanners such as the Epson V800 are amazing, but expensive. What can we do if we are on a budget? In this video I make a suggestion that uses a dSLR and about £40 worth of accessories. All items were easy enough to assemble and even if you do not have a dSLR, a mobile phone will also work.

Leave a comment if you have any other suggestions or improvements we could make.

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Praktika Camera

Praktica BMS Electronic

A little bit newer but a whole lot more packed in to my latest 35mm SLR. The BMS was only made from 1989-1990, but I have to say it is a joy to use and feels really well made. In this video I compare it to my MTL50, and explain what’s been added.

Unfortunately it’s has just been announced that we are going back in to lockdown here in the UK. Oh well, I’ll just have to buy more cameras and make more videos. 😁

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