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I Love Film

I appreciate that the title of this post is fairly redundant, given the topic of this site. However, I sometimes get reminded just how much I love it. In the last couple of weeks I have been out and about with various cameras from my vintage collection. Armed with various film brands and types, I have been snap happy and I’m now enjoying the results.

The colours, the grain, the anticipation are all reasons why film inspires me so much. I have therefore been adding some of my favourites to the film gallery, which you can find here. I am also working on a new video that features my scanning methodology, so look out for that soon.

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Kodak Camera

Kodak Sterling II

Back to medium format for my video this week and my 1957 Kodak Sterling II. 620 film with a nice big 6x9cm frame size. The Sterling II was made in England by Kodak and it was introduced in May 1955 until 1959. I was lucky enough to obtain this fine 1957 example from from the original owner and it is in near mint.

Because it is a simple camera to use, it would be ideal of anyone wishing to make a start in vintage medium format photography.

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Zorki Camera

Zorki 4

Up until now, my YouTube channel has only featured three types of vintage film camera. Single Lens Reflex, Twin Lens Reflex and Viewfinder. So to rectify this, please say hello to my latest purchase. A 1973 Zorki 4 “Rangefinder” camera. This soviet made 35mm camera has captured my heart. It has some little quirks but also some lovely features. I can’t wait to see what the results look like.

In the video below I run through all the details of the camera and I hope to get some images up on here real soon.

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Most people that take up film photography will make use of professional labs to begin with. Labs provide services for developing, scanning and printing your negatives. But once you have been photographing for a while, many like to begin to perform these actions for themselves. With regards to the scanning of your negatives, there are a number of software applications that can assist with the conversion and adjustment of the final image.

In this video I look at one of these applications. Grain2Pixel is an app that integrates with Adobe Photoshop and automates the actions of turning a negative in a good looking positive image. Take a look at my first use of the app and see the results I get.

Grain2Pixel can be downloaded from here.

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Busy Times


My apologies for the radio silence. Whilst I have not had the opportunity to post, things are moving fast in the background. I expanded my vintage camera collection by another two cameras. Videos featuring them in detail are currently in production. Other videos coming soon feature my negative scanning process and a review of some software.

YouTube encouraged me to make a “What’s it about?” video for my channel and so I have posted it below. I have also bought a new wooden canoe paddle and so I am hoping to get out on the water more. Especially as I have my assessment for my coaching award coming up. So look out for more paddlesport videos too. I am busy working on two assignments for my Masters degree as well and so there may well be more quiet times as my deadlines approach. So stick with me, more coming soon.

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